What is CCB & Why is it a Brand?

Welcome to Coast to Coast Ballers.com, the Official Website for Coast to Coast Ballers Enterprises and Baller Gang Global, two of the Best New Age Super Companies on Earth.

CCB is our abbrevation for Coast to Coast Ballers our BRAND Name & Our Brand Products & Services are Basketball leagues, CCB Modeling, Coast to Coast Ballers and Baller Gang Clothing & Apparel, YMCCB Children Books, Young Motion Skills Academy, Uweakkid.com, ThisismotionTV.com and this Website our official Location for everything CCB all over the World.

Picture of the CEO and Owner of Coast to Coast Ballers Enterprises & Baller Gang Global Mr. Robert James Walls Jr. AKA Mr.Brooklyn West AKA Young Motion AKA Star Walls AKA CEO Jetson, & Now Global Jetson. He started CCB in Washington in 2004, now in 2017 it is GLOBAL thanks to all the CCB and Baller Gang Fans, Friends, & Supporters & of course the Online Marketing Team; TEAM MOTION!!!

A quote from the Boss, “CCB has become a “Brand” because of our Merchandise & Supporters Coast to Coast all over the World. It’s a Blessing and I’m very Thankful, we will do our best to Empower every Kid and adult we can.” – CEO of CCB

The CCB CEO is from New York City but started his companies on the West Coast and thanks to the internet and our Supporters we are Global.

The Journey to start Coast to Coast Ballers Enterprises and Baller Gang Global begins here when Robert was a Baby, aka Baby Motion, a baby baller in training 🙂

Mr. Walls looking like a Young Brown skin version of Mark Zuckerburg

Young Motion AKA Star Walls was in every top class from Kindergarten to Junior High which makes him one of New York City’s Finest & One of Brooklyn’s Finest as well #ThisismotionTV

Young Motion in Junior High in Brooklyn New York. This was an all Black School named after a Black Civil Rights Leader named Marcus Garvey.

After he graduated from Marcus Garvey he was accepted into the top High School in Brooklyn, NY for Business & Technology and the second best school in the City for its Basketball Program in the late 90’s. When it became time to become a Baller Coast to Coast, he traveled from NY to the West Coast to play College Basketball. After a knee injury in his first year at Treasure Valley College, he decided to Just Ball out in City leagues on the West Coast instead of perusing a traditional basketball career. Even though he needed surgery from his injury, he was still awarded the Scoring Title for two years straight in the State of Washington. He knew he wouldn’t be able to compete on the Highest of Levels anymore so there was no need to try and go “Go-Pro” anymore, but he always knew he had pro talent. As he continued to play in the City leagues and win, he became aware that the leagues he played in wanted their hometown teams to win at any cost (even if that meant cheating). At that he knew he had to come up with a way to continue to play basketball in a completive but fair atmosphere. So, he started his own Basketball League with his Baller Friends; many of them had Semi-Pro & NBA Talent – and that is how the Coast to Coast Ballers Basketball League was born!

Coast to Coast Ballers Basketball League started in 2004 in a small town in Washington. Even though he is from New York and one of Brooklyn’s Finest, the son of a Brooklyn hustler named Fat Sam, who was the only Black man that had his own restaurant (a pizza shop in Brooklyn, NY named Fat Sam’s), he always had a business mindset. It was a natural progression for him to turn CCB into a company, and in 2007 Coast to Coast Ballers Enterprises the company was created. So, like Father like Son.

Statement from Mr. Coast to Coast Baller Himself: “CCB started out as just a basketball tournament I wanted to do for the community I was in on the west coast. I knew I could make a little money doing it if I Starred in it and organized it right. I knew the name Coast to Coast Ballers was appealing since I’m an East coast baller and was doing it on the west coast so it made sense to call it Coast to Coast Ballers. Because there is misconceptions around my dude Biggie and 2Pac and the East Coast/West Coast beef, I wanted to show people that there really wasn’t ever any beef; it was all a big lie, R.I.P 2pac & Biggie (members of my Coast to Coast Ballers Club). The next year I decided to help a community college basketball program that was in the community I lived in at the time by coming out of retirement to be their point guard for the 2005-2006 season. Unfortunately, not all of my credits from Treasure Valley College transferred and I was unable to play in the regular Season. My Team only won two games the whole year. I felt Super bad, I am sorry to the whole coaching staff, basketball program, president of the school and my teammates for letting them down. We were looking to make the playoffs that year with my help.

In the midst of all of that I received many offers to run my CCB tournament’s in a lot of different venues (LA Fitness, 24-Hours Fitness, YMCA and Lord Gym to name a few). Because of all the excitement I was getting from fans, the news, media, community and local the newspaper wanted to do a full page article on my Company that year, in 2007 I decided to make CCB a annual league and do it every year. I knew then I had to make the CCB Company Global, so I created Coast to Coast Ballers.com. Thanks to my Team, Team Motion and CCB Staff we are doing Business on the Worldwide Net, and boy do I have a Great Team working with Me.

I was born and raised in Brooklyn Brooklyn the same place Mike Tyson is from, and in Brooklyn you Go Hard and that’s #facts. Even though I lived in the projects our theme in Brownsville’s was “Brownsville never ran never will” and my neighbors in Bed-Stuy’s theme is “Do or Die”. These themes have always been a core part of my mentality when it comes to having a mindset of being an extraordinary human being. I am also doing this for my big Homie Christopher Wallace aka Biggie Smalls because he got assassinated on the west coast and he Repped Brooklyn to the Fullest just like I do. Another reason why I knew Coast to Coast Ballers was a perfect way to bring everybody together Coast to Coast and kill that east coast west coast drama. We are unified and have been unified for those who don’t know and like the big Homie said, “If you don’t know, now you know”.

The Coast to Coast Ballers Basketball Division CEO is a Young Community Organizer Just like the First AFrican President in the United States of America and Mentor Barack Obama

Together everyone achieves more. I was not put on this Planet to tear people down, I’m here to build people up, especially people that need healing. I’m all about getting abundance out of life. We are a Nation of Young Ballers in Motion ready to make it happen!”

The Coast to Coast Ballers Basketball Division CEO is a Young Community Organizer Just like the First AFrican President in the United States of America and Mentor Barack Obama

Young Motion in Vegas for a Convention for a Attorney’s Firm Called Legal Sheild to invest in His a is picture of him looking for rentals checking out this half a million dollar Maybach #ThisismotionTV

Sean John “I Am King” Campaign for 2009 Video

“Street King” Campaign for 2012 Video

Feature in the FAST Company Magazine

“From (No. 1) finisher Jeremy Schoemaker to Shaquille O’Neal (no. 1,709) to Robert Walls Jr. (no. 2,013) , here are the 29,795 photographs we received from participants in our social-media experiment.” – Words from The FAST Company Magazine Article

Coast to Coast Ballers Semi-Pro & NBA Talent Basketball League

First Coast to Coast Ballers Tournament – 2004

Coast to Coast Ballers Tournament – 2006

Coast to Coast Ballers Tournament – 2007; making the Local Newspaper

Coast to Coast Ballers Tournament – 2008

In 2008-2009 The New Division of Coast to Coast Ballers “West Coast Hoops”

New 2010 logo sketch for Coast to Coast Ballers Enterprises

Coast to Coast Ballers Basketball Summer Tournament – 2011

New 2012 logo for Coast to Coast Ballers Enterprises

New 2013 logo for Coast to Coast Ballers Basketball Enterprises

New Flyer for our CCB B-Ball Event 2014 “Flight14”

2017 Coast to Coast Ballers 2 Day Bball Event

Coming soon to CCB:

  • CCB Modeling
  • CCB Music Group
  • CCB Clothing; T-Shirts, Hats, Mugs, Jeans, Jackets, Socks & more!
  • Thisismotiontv.com
  • Globaljetson.com
  • iamyoungmotion.com

Shoutouts to NBA.com, Ihoops.com, Thisis50.com, Vladtv.com & Globalgrind.com


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